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Web frameworks we are most excited for in 2024
This article is my personal list of 5 web frameworks that I am most excited for in 2024. It is based on my experience and the trends I see in the industry. I hope you will find it useful!
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13th February 2023
Picking your (tech) poison wisely
This is a rundown of the most important things you should (not) do when choosing the new tech stack for your project. Article is closely based on my Infobip Shift 2023 talk with the same name.
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13th December 2023
Supercharge your Windows Development: The Ultimate Guide to WSL
If you are having a hard time setting up WSL, this is the article for you! We will go through all necessary steps to set up your dev environment and get you started with Web development in Windows in no time.
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21st November 2023